Monday, 13 May 2019

Sweet Melissa's Gifts Etc Fandom Themed Mystery Bag Grab Bags Mega-Uber-Ultra Review THREE BAGS unboxing

Hey everyone, thanks so much for reading, I have been lucky enough to receive some super special items for review by  Sweet Melissa's Gifts Etc - they are a company in Fred, Texas that I have purchased from before and they never fail to bring me mass amounts of joy when their gorgeous pink packages fall through my letterbox. They offer free, fast shipping, great communication and super fandom items- their website is brimming with amazing fandom pieces!

These Fandom Themed mystery bags are sent from the USA and is not technically a 'subscription' as you can pick and choose the bags you buy, plus you can know far in advance which fandom/ theme the bag will be & will include 3-5 fandom jewelry items such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, keychains, pins & magnets in a drawstring bag! There are 3 available at the moment, and I will review each of them and their contents so...if you've seen enough and want a's the link!

There is also a pre-order available for a Harry Potter Snape themed bag, at just $15 (around £12.90) including postage, this can also be found Here.

Owner, Melissa says: 

"It is a mystery bag filled with fandom jewelry & gifts, just for you! ... We focus on giving fans high-quality, fun items that celebrate fandom."

Here's a throwback to the reviews of previous mystery fandom bags:
Game of Thrones Buzz Bag Review and the Deadpool Buzz Bag Review, their bags are consistant, wonderfully on-theme and always a pleasure to receive.

So what are in the latest Fandom bags! 

First up, the Alice in Wonderland themed bag- bursting with cute, 'on point' pieces- this bag has a super cute yellow bottle top-fridge magnet of Alice, as well as some 'curiously odd' earrings of Alice in her signature blue dress and the white rabbit. 

There is also a wonderful gold tone necklace of Alice in a clock and finally, an absolutely stunning Alice hair slide featuring the white rabbit, a key, a heart and a pocket watch.

Overall, the items are great quality, all fit nicely in to the theme and can easily be worn together and compliment each other. 

They are eye-catching enough that you could wear them subtley to show off your fandom...but I'm not especially known for my subtlety...Cue my Alice fabric dress and entire bag being worn all summer! :) 


The second theme is Doctor Who, but, not just any Doctor Who....the wonderful episode Blink from Series 3 (2007). This is one of my favourite David Tennant Episodes (who is my fave doctor) and the items in the bag compliment the episode with scary perfection.

I am in love with the 'Don't Blink' earrings and matching keyring, the keyring went straight on my car keys! They feature the TARDIS with weeping Angel wings, I love this design!

Also in the bag is a cute 'Weeping Angel' pop! style fridge magnet and embelished silver tone necklace with the TARDIS, a key, an angel wing and gorgeous blue drop bead.


Last, but certainly not least, is Narnia. 

The bag features a lion charmed bracelet with gorgeous colours, as well as a fridge magnet quoting "Things never happen the same way twice."

There are some beautiful silver tone, heart shaped earrings that say, 'courage, my dear' and also a necklace of Mr Tumnus and Lucy walking under the umbrella in a snow covered Narnia.

Find Sweet Melissa on Facebook and Instagram, or order direct from their website.

Here is my small, but mighty collection of fridge magnets, with the brand spanking new wonderful ones from Sweet Melissa's. 

You can buy it here.

I was kindly sent these bags for review. I also purchased a sticker from Sweet Melissa's of a dabbing unicorn which is currently on sale for just $2.50. Because... Why. Blooming. Not. It is awesome! 

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