Friday, 29 April 2016

GeekFuel April Box- Top Notch Selection!

GeekFuel went all out this month to produce a fantastic surprise box fit for any Sci-Fi lover...

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Items in April's Box

Although there wasn't much quantity in Aprils box, it was certainly made up for in the quality. First up is a mash up T-Shirt of the fabulous Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots and Civil War's Iron Man and Captain America. Can't wait to see this movie! It's a great fit (GeekFuel are good with their sizing) and has a really great colour scheme for the summer! 

Mash Up T-Shirt

Next up, a set of 4 Doctor Who coasters- featuring some fabulous art with the TARDIS hidden in the painting. I absolutely love this item, it is unique and fantastic, it is a classic twist on the show and takes you one step deeper, the coasters feature "...the famous time-travel machine in a piece of history's art."

All Four Coasters feature the TARDIS

Also included in the box is a Fallen A2P Protocol game "of $20 value" for which you receive a 'steam' code- simply download the steam game app and enter the code to gain full access to the game itself. There was also a small Avengers sticker which i promptly stuck on my laptop i was so excited, didn't manage to get a picture before i did this....

Bottom Left...


It's a Nap Trap!

As this was my first GeekBox I'd officially ordered (the others were gifts from my wonderful friend, Aly) I received a BONUS ITEM - A white pillow-case, featuring Admiral Ackbar of Star Wars declaring, "It's a nap", i believe this was originally an item in the October 2015 box, but still a great bonus for my first order. I was also excited to see a Star Wars bobblehead- the box is a little damaged but it is still great. There was also a Flametrooper available, but i am really happy with my Stormtrooper!

Coasters & Comic

And, so, we come to what was, for me, the item of the month. This has been an absolutely fabulous box, the Star Wars item, the Coasters, the T-shirt were all amazing, so perfectly geeky. However, the Doctor Who- #2.1 10th doctor, Year Two comic takes the pinch! I was so happy to receive a Doctor Who comic with exclusive variant cover that I failed to even notice that i was one of only 1500 people who got a super exclusive Black and White cover with Certificate of Authenticity. I was really happy with this, I felt so special, but, it begs the question...

Am I allowed to open the packet to read it?! Help!

COA Doctor Who Comic- Picture me Impressed.

I hope you enjoyed my review of GeekFuel's April 2016 box, you can order your very own Box of Nerd here: GeekFuel Monthly Subscription Box, for UK with postage they average around £20 a box- but you can often find deals or get bonus items.
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Saturday, 23 April 2016

My Geek Box- “It's mine, I tell you, MINE!”

With so many 'Geek Related' subscription boxes out there to chose from, it can be hard to know which one to commit to. Here is your chance to see some of the items included in surprise boxes. is a UK company which means the boxes are cheaper to recieve for UK residents than US alternatives. They have a good offer to get you started (I got my first for just £10) and offer a consistent low price of £17.99.

You get 4-6 items per box.

So, what do you get for your money? 

Aprils box was packed full (literally bursting!)...

Both GeekFuel and LootCrate feature magazines telling more about the items, showing pictures and articles related to the products, this was something I missed in My Geek Box.

First up, BNIP, a cute green ghost- it's everyone favourite messy monster- 'Slimer!'. Most people have seen Ghostbusters so it's a good all-rounder, and its a pretty cool plush to have- it was made in 2015 and is part of the 'Monsters Everywhere' range. 

Next up is a sealed box from DC Comics- it is a figure from the kidrobot mini series, but which one is it! On the back of the box there seems to be around15 options, from the joker to superman. As I open the sealed silver packet with scissors I tell my partner I want Batman....

The t-shirt in this box is an epic design. It is Captain Americas sheild and it has been shattered. It is just a shame about the sizing, I went 'over large' with my size choices as i'd always rather have a big baggy PJ top then something too small.. but it seems it wasn't meant to be as it is just far too small! I thought i'd have problems with the US sizing, but it has actually been perfect. 

This months box included a Doctor Who item (just like this months GeekFuel is supposed to...) - it is the sonic screwdriver from the 10th is a UV light and pen- pretty cool! This is sure to help on our summer adventures.

Also included is a brand new DVD of VHS2- a horror movie (at least part of it has the same director as The Blair Witch Project.) that focuses on two investigators who are searching for a missing boy- they find his collection of odd tapes and we are taken on a ride through some messed up things! Some it verges on weird psychedelic 'Old Boy' craziness, parts are reminiscent of '28 Days Later' or 'I am Legend' and parts are just plain taken from 'Signs' , but overall it is a good movie if you are a big fan of the Horror Genre. I found it to be an interesting approach as each segment (there are 4/5) is a self-filmed 'Cloverfield' camera effect. The movie starts really well, it has a great pace and a few good scares. However, it unfortunately stays true to the saying of starting high with only one place to go …. 4/10

Last up is issue number #1 of a comic called 'Empress'...from 'Icon's Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen, this comic is a story about the Earths first rulers, “These are the people who lived here before us.” It is quite fast paced and well illustrated as comic books go, as it is the 'pilot' there is a lot to get through and it needs to find its ground but overall it seems solid. There is also a preview of 'Jupiter's Legacy' at the back, from creator Frank Quitely.

You can order your own My Geek Box here. I found it to be amazing value- but i'm here for the Geekness, not to re-sell on Ebay! So, in the long run i'll be sticking with GeekFuel.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Firefly Cargo Crate Finally Lands in my Hands

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 No power in the 'Verse can describe my excitement when in late February I spotted that LootCrate were starting a Firefly subscription box! Now, for a show that had 15 Episodes and was cancelled...over a decade ago, this is a big deal. It's fair to say that Firefly/Serenity has a loyal set of fans and the LootCrate website boasts it is 'For Browncoats, by Browncoats'.

The show solidified itself into the hearts of many, including me, and so i was eager to sign up and see what kind of memorabillia would turn up in the bi-monthly crate. A few weeks after ordering, I was also informed I would get a free gift- fab, but because I am 'international' I got my free gift along with my box, which was delivered to me yesterday. The gift was a beautiful 'Founders pin' featuring the shows ship, Serenity, in flight.

'Keep Flying!'

Upon opening it became clear this was a 'Kaylee' box- there was a box showing a figure of her holding a 'shiny' umbrella which I quickly made (It came in 3 bits). This is a 'Little Damn Heroes' figure- a LootCrate exclusive. It also features 5 drinks umbrellas - 'Kaylee's Shindig Parasols', a cuddly bear in her overalls and a pin that reads 'Everything's SHINY Cap'n'. All the items are of high quality and are very relevant to the show, and to the cute mechanic- who Lootcrate's own magaine describes as the 'heart of Serenity. The mag is named 'The Signal' with a tagline above that reads 'You Can't Stop', It features an interview with Jewel Staite (who plays Kaylee) as well as her cosplayer, Maya Dinerstein. It also has spoilers for the next crate- I guess that's to make you order it but i'd rather not know! Not to fret.

LootCrate April 2016 Premiere Firefly Cargo Crate

Also included in the box are some early Concept Art of the Reavers ship/claw- ready to frame, a sticker that reads 'Exported from Persephone' (a civilized planet in the 'Verse) and 2 cards from the Firefly game.

There is also another, smaller 'Q Bits' PVC figure in which you could either get Simon or Jayne. I got the lovely Doctor. 

 The 'Crate' itself is fantastically designed with detail, it even has 'loot' and cattle pictured inside it! 

All in all, there are some really great fan items in this box, my faves are the pin/s, the plush Kaylee bear, the sticker and the larger figure- and, let's face it, the crate! I genuinely can't wait for my next one!

I hope you enjoyed my review of LootCrate's First Firefly Cargo Crate, you can order your very own Browncoat Loot and get $5 off any LootCrate box HERE
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