Thursday, 10 March 2016

Browncoats Rejoyce! GeekFuel February Box Review

This months GeekFuel box was mind blowing. 
Just receiving the bright red box puts a smile on my face, but they went all out to stroke my geek-ego this month! I was super excited as soon as I opened it because I saw a brightly coloured hat and because i'm a (proud) total geek I knew what it was straight away! 

Mal to Jayne: "Well, my time of not taking you seriously is coming to a middle."

For those of you who aren't browncoats, this hat is in an episode of Firefly entitled 'The Message' in which The gun toting lunatic with a soft side, Jayne receives a woolly hat from his Ma. Since the show being cancelled by Fox, and this particular show was never aired it is used as somewhat of a symbol of the fans of the show. Although there was controversy in 2013 about the 'Official' hat and Esty 'Fan Art' being forcebly removed from sale – See Here  , it was great to find it in my box and I will of course wear with pride!

 No power in the 'verse can stop me. Except FOX Copyrighting Laws.

As I delve further in to the unknown I find a cute 'GeekFuel' robot magnet and some candies in a tin- with a game- it is 'Elliot Quest' merchandise and this months steam game coincides with this- of $10 value it is hard to get started in this game- myself and my partner have both had issues so it remains to be seen if I like it or not! 

I recently watched 'Deadpool' with my sister- although I am not a HUGE marvel fan and have seen most but not all of the X-men movies I was sceptical, but I am so glad we watched it. Ryan Reynolds stars alongside the beautiful Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra in Firefly!) who doesn't seem to have aged in the past 10 years. Perhaps she fell through a time portal. Anywaty, this is NOT a film review. Needless to say, I was in stiches and left the cinema feeling full on love for the Deadpool Anti-Hero! So, when I saw my next item was a Deadpool product, I got pretty excited!

Now, I could have got a keyring or a badge as there were 3 options for this product, but I got a bottle opener. Perfect for me, and my love of a cold beverage and a good Buffy episode- lol, like there were any bad ones! Although, The Body really gets ma feels! The bottle opener is in a crisp, edgy box which orders me to 'See the Movie', the weightly tool simply has Deadpools 'eye emblem'- I was so excited about this I completely forgot every GeekFuel box comes with an exclusively disigned t-shirt. So when I pulled out a large tinfoil oblong shape I was pretty perplexed. It had a small Deadpool sticker on it and I squished it, imagining the worst...but, it was foolhardy and I soon realised what it was, ripped it open and yeah...basically stuck it straight on!

There are some fantastic Nerdy Gems in this box and i'm really pleased with them! Right at the bottom there was a 'Retro Magazine' with exclusive GeekFuel cover, i've had a flick through this and it seems really interesting. All in all the 'Retro' theme worked really well because it also had very current and relevant things in! The timing couldn't have been better for the #Deadpool items! It is so nice to see Firefly products again and it inspired me to order This.
Watch out for the review, 1st box released in April!

PS: I was so excited about this box i forgot to get a picture of the whole thing togehter and the t-shirt is (thankfully) in the wash now and the bits have dispersed onto my shelves, so, instead here is a picture of my monster slippers eating the unopened box! 

This box might not be for everyone, but if you know what the meaning of life is (42), If you sometimes curse in the Gorram wrong language! If you find yourself humming retro game theme tunes (like Sonic the Hedgehog!) or if you still don't BLINK around stone angels- just incase- then THIS BOX IS FOR YOU! :)
I hope you enjoyed my review of GeekFuel's January 2016 box, you can order your very own Box of Nerd and get $3 off here: $3 OFF YOUR BOX
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