Tuesday, 2 February 2016

For the Love of GEEK! GeekFuel January Box Review

 Recently, I have been wondering...Who had the fantastic idea of taking all things Geekery, packing them in a big red box with a cute robot on it and posting it to me all the way from the USA...well, my friend Aly did- thanks so much, Aly!- but VIA 'Geek Fuel'!

 #GeekFuel January Box

This fantastic box manages to pack itself full of unique, nerdy goodness. The website says you can“Celebrate every month like it’s your birthday! Get tons of intergalactic surprises delivered right to your door.” and it is not kidding, I literally feel like it is my birthday when it gets delivered!

The box itself is a really vibrant colour and the packaging is of high quality and ensures the products are top notch when received.

Every box includes a t-shirt that is an exclusive design, this months is amazing!

What other t-shirt puts these earth-shattering icons together! Nerdgasm!

Delving deeper into the box I find an array of magic and wonder, a comic-com poster designed for Jakku – luckily I have now seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens so I could put it straight up on the wall and show it off with pride!

What I find the most intriguing part about exploring a GeekFuel box is that it is not always easy to distinguish what movie/TV show or game it refers to. This goes to prove it is for the fans...if there was (and please, let there be soon!) a Firefly related item I would get it straight away, but as it was, it took me a while to remember what this little gem referred to:

Umbrella Corporation Blood Drive Pin- Resident Evil

Needless to say, I now where it on my winter hat with pride!

If that wasn't enough, the content just keeps going and I was pleased to see a retro '8-bit' tin of Link from Zelda with orange 'sword shaped' sweets, this had a choice of two and the other was Mario which would have also been really cool- but i'm happy with what I got!

The most unique piece for me was the bright red mug with a logo very similar to a certain coffee shop. This mug is so unique and wonderful and I will really enjoy having my daily tea in it!

As I come to the end of my box I am treated with a downloadable game of $10 value, a magazine as well as a 'Fuel the Flash contest'- it's these little things that keep me wanting the box- so much effort goes in to it, I feel they go the extra mile and it is obviously made by people with a passion for geekery.

Things I'd look forward to seeing in the future include: A 'Whedon-verse' piece- whether it be Buffy, Dollhouse, Angel, Firefly, Serenity or maybe even a quirky Dr Horrible's blog item, it would be a real treat to have that included. I'd like to see a keychain in the mix- always proud to sport a keyring and I own a lot of keys! Also, a pack of playing cards would be fantastic as they can be used with others! Watch this space.

This box might not be for everyone, but if you know what the meaning of life is (42), If you sometimes curse in the Gorram wrong language! If you find yourself humming retro game theme tunes (like Sonic the Hedgehog!) or if you still don't BLINK around stone angels- just incase- then THIS BOX IS FOR YOU! :)

I hope you enjoyed my review of GeekFuel's January 2016 box, you can order your very own Box of Nerd and get $3 off your box HERE
Feel free to leave a comment below. ~SBG~