Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sweet Melissa's Gifts Etc Review - Game of Thrones Buzz Bag - is EPIC! "That’s what I do: I drink and I know things." (April 2016)

Yes! It finally came... :) The Game of Thrones Buzz Bag is fantastic, I have been looking forward to it since i ordered it at the start of May, and it did not disappoint. This bag is sent from the USA and is tracked so you can have a really good idea of when it will turn up. The Buzz Bag is a mystery bag full of Fandom Jewelry from a selected fandom. The Buzz Bag is not technically a 'subscription' as you can picks and choose the bags you buy, plus you can know far in advance which fandom/ theme is will be (up to January 2017 at the moment!)

The best bit? It is such good value. It is $15 a bag, which works out around £10.50 at the moment, they usually contain 3-5 items, The Game of Thrones Buzz Bag contains 6 items! (the rings technically count as 1 item, so it is '5' officially on the website) You can see Here what some of these items will cost separately, and to be honest for these lovely unique items, i'd pay that! There are also some fantastic Doctor Who items and (hidden at the bottom in TV Shows) some Supernatural products. No Buffy or Firefly....yet! :)

Grr Arghh.

So, after that subtle hint, What's in this cute little drawstring bag!

There are some really great items in this Buzz Bag including the House Wheel Necklace (my personal favourite), Westeros Map necklace and House Targaryen Necklace, all are of great quality and have nice long chains!

This is my favourite necklace in the Buzz Bag, the detailing is fantastic, and the back is pretty funky too, 
pictured below, top left.

The Westeros map is my second favourite necklace,
 it has a slightly shorter chain and some great detailing, it is a glass dome and so is quite 3D!

Although i love the colours in this deep red dragon necklace, something has to come third! 
All three necklaces are top class and perfect for any GoT fan.

In the April Buzz Bag you'll also find a Bottle Cap keyring and two small rings featuring dragon claws and a crown. They are really special items and fantastic products for any fan of the show to own. The rings are slightly small on me- the crown measures 1.4cm diameter and the claws are approx 1.5cm diameter.

What's the Scores?

Quantity: 3-5 items promised, 6 delivered. Excellent
Quality: All seem sturdy and well made, some items delicate but it is jewelery after all!
Value: Really great, these necklaces are great value at $10 each, so to get a bag of items for $15 is amazing.
Customer Service: 10/10 - super fast email replies and polite professional manner.
Postage Costs: FREE! World wide! (and it was tracked!)

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This 'Game of Thrones' Buzz Bag was received specifically for review purposes.

I hope you enjoyed my review of  April 2016 Buzz Bag, you can order your very own Bag of Fandom Here, with Free world wide postage!
Many thanks to Sweet Melissa's Gifts etc. (on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to check it out!)
Feel free to leave a comment below. ~SBG~

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Oh yeah, and Kaylee really enjoyed the crown!


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