Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Firefly Cargo Crate Finally Lands in my Hands

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 No power in the 'Verse can describe my excitement when in late February I spotted that LootCrate were starting a Firefly subscription box! Now, for a show that had 15 Episodes and was cancelled...over a decade ago, this is a big deal. It's fair to say that Firefly/Serenity has a loyal set of fans and the LootCrate website boasts it is 'For Browncoats, by Browncoats'.

The show solidified itself into the hearts of many, including me, and so i was eager to sign up and see what kind of memorabillia would turn up in the bi-monthly crate. A few weeks after ordering, I was also informed I would get a free gift- fab, but because I am 'international' I got my free gift along with my box, which was delivered to me yesterday. The gift was a beautiful 'Founders pin' featuring the shows ship, Serenity, in flight.

'Keep Flying!'

Upon opening it became clear this was a 'Kaylee' box- there was a box showing a figure of her holding a 'shiny' umbrella which I quickly made (It came in 3 bits). This is a 'Little Damn Heroes' figure- a LootCrate exclusive. It also features 5 drinks umbrellas - 'Kaylee's Shindig Parasols', a cuddly bear in her overalls and a pin that reads 'Everything's SHINY Cap'n'. All the items are of high quality and are very relevant to the show, and to the cute mechanic- who Lootcrate's own magaine describes as the 'heart of Serenity. The mag is named 'The Signal' with a tagline above that reads 'You Can't Stop', It features an interview with Jewel Staite (who plays Kaylee) as well as her cosplayer, Maya Dinerstein. It also has spoilers for the next crate- I guess that's to make you order it but i'd rather not know! Not to fret.

LootCrate April 2016 Premiere Firefly Cargo Crate

Also included in the box are some early Concept Art of the Reavers ship/claw- ready to frame, a sticker that reads 'Exported from Persephone' (a civilized planet in the 'Verse) and 2 cards from the Firefly game.

There is also another, smaller 'Q Bits' PVC figure in which you could either get Simon or Jayne. I got the lovely Doctor. 

 The 'Crate' itself is fantastically designed with detail, it even has 'loot' and cattle pictured inside it! 

All in all, there are some really great fan items in this box, my faves are the pin/s, the plush Kaylee bear, the sticker and the larger figure- and, let's face it, the crate! I genuinely can't wait for my next one!

I hope you enjoyed my review of LootCrate's First Firefly Cargo Crate, you can order your very own Browncoat Loot and get $5 off any LootCrate box HERE
 Feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for Reading. ~SBG~


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